beauty mistakes tips

By | May 13, 2019

If you want to remain aesthetically then you should do yoga every day and go to the gym every day. And before going out every day, the cone should be rejected, and in all seasons heat should be done either in winter or rain or in the sun, clean the mouth with soft water in all seasons, and also clean mouth with maltani soil.

beauty tips

1. Whether there are any weather, winter, summer, or summer, if you get out of the house, then get a good SPF sunscreen.

2. Do not be lazy at any time to get the make-up, no matter how late Late returns home and sleeps.

3. Do not make the mistake of rubbing the pulp or peel of every fruit on the face. Take the home remedies that you have never tried, first look at the effect by putting them in the lower part of the underarm or thigh. It is not necessary that every herbal or organic chemical is free.

4. Do not offer lots of make-up on your face. Concealers, foundations, powder or blushers do not wear too much. It is the art of make-up to look the best in at least make-up. Try to hide defects and drawbacks at least in the make-up.

5. Do not always keep makeup, keep the face several times without any makeup, so that the skin pores can get fresh air.

6. Do not rub the body with a lot of dry towel immediately after bathing. It also removes safe water under the skin. Apply a lot of moisturizer or body lotion on the whole body after bathing to maintain skin moisture.

Want to maintain beauty for a long time? So these 8 habits are included in the routine

Staying out in the sun for a long time causes permanent side effects on the skin. False and wrinkles are only a part of sun bath. Be sure to take powerful sunscreen before leaving here.

2 You must have heard this tip thousands of times in your life that sleeping after making makeup but it has often been seen that after returning from a wedding night or a late night party, you are so tired that they get lazy to take up the make-up. This is a mistake how much you can punish your skin. So always keep a good make-up remover in the bathroom and use it too.

3 Hair Curling, Ironing and Straightening Before using the hair protector. Very hot air causes permanent damage to hair roots. Do not use hot air hairdryers. Clean brush of hair brush, comb or makeup regularly. De-transit them and then experiment. Put another’s comb into the head.

4 There is no need to make a layer of make-up by going to the washroom at all times. Learn how to look beautiful in a nice and less make-up from an expert.

5 The biggest friend of any woman can be a moisturizer only. So never leave it together. Apply a lot of moisturizer or body lotion on the whole body after bathing to maintain skin moisture.

6 Shampoos are made to clean the skin from hair to roots. It excludes hair dust and dirt. Shampoo is recommended for a short period of time. Shampoo should be used only with a small amount of water. Hair Folicus, which means hair follicles, opens well with warm water, which makes cleaning clean. Condition of the conditioner of its opposite

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