Benifit to eating Tomato

By | May 10, 2019

benifits of tomato

By eating tomatoes, many diseases are released and together with health is also better. Tomato gives a rich amount of vitamin A to the mother and the blood is also pure. Many diseases are freed from eating tomato and the form also fills. Tomato works in a way of medicine and it contains lots of vitamins and it cures many sare diseases on cancer, blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, eye diseases, skin.

Type of benifits tomato

1. Prevention of cancer:

Nutrients found in tomato such as alpha-lipoic acid, lacopene, collyn, folic acid, beta-carotene and lutein protect you from prostate cancer.

In a recent research, it was found that people who consumed 10 or more tomatoes a week, they are 18 percent less likely to suffer from prostate cancer than others. Not only this, beta-carotene found in tomatoes protects us from colorectal cancer. More consumption of tomatoes prevents lung and stomach cancer.

2. Nutrition:

Tomatoes are very special in terms of nutrients. Among them, Vitamin A and C are found in large amounts. In addition, alpha-lipoic acid is also found in tomato, which helps in controlling blood sugar or blood sugar in our body, and because of its properties, it prevents us from diabetes symptoms.

3. Beneficial in pregnancy:

Nutritious tomatoes are extremely beneficial for pregnant women. Pregnant women need abundant nutrients and vitamins for a healthy infant, for which tomatoes are a better option. Vitamin C serves both mother and child to keep healthy, which is abundant in tomatoes.

4. Protecting the heart:

Since tomato is rich in fiber, potassium, vitamin C and colin, it makes special attention to your heart. For high amounts of potassium we should use it as a salad and pasta.

A recent research has found that intake of approximately 4039 mg of potassium every day reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by about 49 percent.

In tomato, lecopene is also found in abundance, which is extremely beneficial for the heart. Apart from this potassium, which is found in tomatoes, also helps prevent stones becoming formed in the kidneys.

5. Magical effect on skin:

Regarding the beauty products prevailing in the market, you will usually hear that the tomatoes have lecopene present. This quality of tomatoes protects you from the effects of sun damage UV rays, so your skin does not burn easily. Apart from this, anti-oxidants are also found in tomatoes, which do not let you look old on time.

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